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  • 🏛️ Bulletin: Ayappa, Marissa Velez, Beltrán Gonzalez, Luca Werner...

🏛️ Bulletin: Ayappa, Marissa Velez, Beltrán Gonzalez, Luca Werner...


Ayappa directs ‘The Steel of India’ for Jindal Steel.

Portraying steel beyond its obvious sheen, across the length and breadth of India, revealing its raw and authentic essence.

Filmed in Delhi, Chhattisgarh, and Kerala, India.

Ayappa — ‘The Steel of India’ Jindal Steel


Marissa Velez directs ‘Panties’.

Women discuss an intimate part of their wardrobe. Often shrouded in secrecy, how we refer to them can vary based on our cultural background and personal experiences.

Filmed in Jersey City, NY, United States.

Marissa Velez — ‘Panties’


Beltrán Gonzalez and Luca Werner direct ‘Pools’.

Born from the desire to keep something that is fading in front of us; jumping with friends as circles change fast. You are caught in a rhythm underwater. It helps to isolate everything around.

  • Beltrán Gonzalez and Luca Werner explore the escapism found underwater, preserving the memory of pools connected to their youth NOWNESS

Filmed in Barcelona, Spain.

Beltrán Gonzalez & Luca Werner — ‘Pools’

Reading Room

For April, we have selected ‘Devotion’ by GARRETT BRADLEY — An illustrated book-length publication on the contemporary artist and Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Garrett Bradley.

Each month we spotlight a new or excellent reading, and offer our readers a chance to win a copy in a simple draw:



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Agnès Varda: A Filmmaker’s Photos in the Spotlight in NYC