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  • 🏛️ Bulletin: Jonatan Schwenk, The Romantix, Martin Scorsese...

🏛️ Bulletin: Jonatan Schwenk, The Romantix, Martin Scorsese...


Jonatan Schwenk directs ‘Zoon’.

In the dark swamps of a nocturnal forest, a group of gleaming axolotls are encountered by a larger group of lustful two-legged forest-dwellers.

  • Meet the Artist: Jonatan Schwenk on "Zoon" YouTube

Screened at numerous film festivals including Sundance, Palm Springs International ShortFest, and Telluride.

Jonatan Schwenk — ‘Zoon’


The Romantix direct ‘Brown Brit’.

Following a woman’s journey from an arranged marriage in 1987 India to her new life on a North London council estate raising three children.

  • The Romantix Transform Family Story of Resilience into Powerful Short Film LBB

Narrated by Deepica Stephen.

The Romantix — ‘Brown Brit’


Martin Scorsese directs ‘Action’ for Chanel.

Starring Timothée Chalamet.

  • Timothée Chalamet Leads Martin Scorsese’s Chanel Ad IndieWire

  • Timothée Chalamet x Martin Scorsese The Fall

Martin Scorsese — ‘Action’ Chanel

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For May, we have selected ‘Geological Filmmaking’ by SASHA LITVINTSEVA Geological Filmmaking develops a new genre of writing rooted in a reciprocity between the practice of making films and the theoretical study of the relations they participate in.

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Paris, Texas restored 40 years after winning the Palme d’or